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Maryland Minute - 11.11.10 - Are Writers Giving College of Charleston Enough Credit?

Maryland's Charleston squeak not all bad - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
One of the best parts about this article/post are some of the comments from the Terps fans. Brennan says Maryland's close game against C of C doesn't support Maryland fans' claim that they deserve more love than UNC. Terps fans prove him wrong. That got me to thinking about my pet peeve with a lot of national writers. I often find that when they try to talk about a specific team, they don't have any kind of small details or knowledge about that team and simply pretend that they do. C of C is a good team...they're a close team, in other words, one who has a lot of players back and who have been playing together for several years...and they have a guard who is good enough to play and start in the ACC. But Brennan just sees "College of Charleston" and assumes Maryland should be trouncing them. Does he point out good aspects of Maryland's win? Yes. But he fails to articulate WHY the win was close and that this win, come March, will be a good one on Maryland's resume. That's something they're supposed to do in their job, but often times things like that are passed over and these writers just look at games from the 30,000 feet level.

MVPe's shot gives Terps the Victory
The MVPe MVPe' love is growing. Great piece by Griffin Wong on the game. I told him that the nickname was born here at Testudo Times and he said he'd reference that in his future pieces.

All signs pointing toward Howard | Washington Examiner
Gary spoke about this on his radio show last night. Basically he said MVPe was working his way towards the starting PG spot, but that it's still Bowie's and that Bowie can handle it. I think Gary is going to give Bowie every opportunity to keep it, but he has to show why he can. I think I'd like Bowie coming off the bench as the #1 option and subbing in for Howard or Mosley ala Hayes during his junior year.

Terps get lesson in what's at stake - ACC Blog - ESPN
"Right now we're one of 10 teams eligible for a bowl game," Friedgen said. "I told them that just because you are bowl eligible, does not mean you are going to make a bowl. So every win from here on out will determine which bowl we go to. That was not all that was mentioned, we also spoke about what Virginia is able to do that could jeopardize not jut our bowl contention but our conference championship." Hopefully they beat UVA Saturday and continue to be able to contend for that title...

How many NCAA basketball teams are wearing a "Necklace"? -- it's all in Uni Watch's NCAA preview - ESPN
Uni watch digs the new MD jerseys, but not so much on the black one.

Georgetown freshman center Moses Ayegba ruled ineligible for Hoyas' first nine games - ESPN
Whammy for Georgetown. I won't shed a tear for them but this ruling does seem to be a stupid one by the NCAA...

In The News: Terps’ James Gist Heads To Serbia –
James Gist is off to Serbia to play pro ball. Best of luck, James. Hope you can break into the NBA next year...

Maryland Fans Never Forget, Just Ask Jason Williams - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
Sounds about right. My only beef is Jordan Ruby acting as if this JUST happens at happens all over.

Maryland Coach Brenda Frese facing new challenges on and off the court
She welcomes a heralded freshman class while at the same time tending to her 2-year-old son, who has leukemia. She's a pretty amazing coach...