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Video Evidence of Pe'Shon Howard's Dagger (Oh, and It Wasn't the Drawn-Up Play)

First, what you all came here to see: the money shot, courtesy College BB Talk:

And yes, Gary look quite glum in that shot. Angry? Not really. Maybe awed. I don't know if that's good for Pe'Shon or bad.

Now, the more involved stuff: the play wasn't drawn up for Pe'Shon. And yes, that meant that he a) had the wherewithal to realize that the other plays wouldn't work, and b) the cajones to go against Gary Williams' very direct wishes in just his second game.

"It was supposed to go inside to Jordan (Williams) on the pick. The defender did a good job," Howard said. "Everything else was instinct."

Gary's reaction doesn't give much more information on the glum look, unfortunately:

"He made a great shot - he was strong enough to make that," the coach said. "He never flinched, and that is hard to do as a freshman."

That's the party line, for sure. No idea what's going on inside his head.

Oh, and did you think that a game-winning shot and 9 points on 6-7 shooting would be enough for the MVPe'? Nope.

Pe'Shon Howard not entirely happy with his night. After a 1-for-5 night at the foul line, he's spent a half-hour shooting FTs in the arena

Yep, he's got a future. Don't go Gilchrist and we'll be okay.