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Danny O'Brien Wins ACC Rookie of the Week Award, Yawns

Anybody else think this is getting old, in a really awesome way? Maryland's redshirt freshman quarterback and resident star Danny O'Brien just won his third ACC Rookie of the Week award and his second straight. All three awards have come in the past six weeks.

This one came for his 4 touchdown performance against Wake Forest, a game in which he attempted only 20 passes. He had three TDs last week against Boston College, and has 13 total on the year. I don't know if the NCAA keeps track of touchdowns per attempt, but Danny's got to be at the top of that list.

Take out that one bad quarter - not even a bad game, a bad quarter - against Clemson, and his résumé is flawless, literally: he would have no interceptions, 13 TDs, and have captained a team that was 2-10 last year to 6-2, and he didn't even play in one of those losses. If you take out the game entirely, he'd be unbeaten.

His 13 TDs have him tied for 12th place all-time for TD passes in a single season in Maryland's record books. If he continues on a similar pace - say about 2 a game - he'll become #2 on the all-time list, below just the Air Raid-esque Scott Milanovich.

So now Danny O appears to be the front-runner for ACC Rookie of the Year. I'm not sure what the serious challenge would be, particularly if Maryland continues this improbable run. I'm in the middle of researching some more about just how good Danny's been, but this is a pretty good indication: he's won as many Rookie of the Week awards in the past six weeks as Maryland's won in the past seven years.