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Maryland Minute 10.8.10 - Apparently Joe Harrington is Still on Terps' Staff

via <a href="">IMS</a> on <a href="">Flickr</a>
via IMS on Flickr

 Terrapins Insider - Joe Harrington's status remains unchanged
Not a great debut for the Post's new MD beat writer. Apparently the information regarding Harrington's status was wrong, and he's still on the staff. Huh.

Yeatman closer to making an impact for Terps -
Thank God. I'm really interested to see what Yeatman can do, especially with Maryland's TE shortcomings and injuries lately.

Blake Countess plans visits to Ga. Tech, U-Md.
He's also considering Louisville, Purdue, Stanford, and Arkansas. Maryland seems like a longshot on the surface, but Countess has got to be one of the top remaining targets.

Eagles Want Tougher D, Hope Fokou Adds Physicality | Inside the Iggles
Former Terp Moise Fokou is now the Eagles' starting linebacker. He's a great story, and I loved him when he was at Maryland. He's gotta be the most quietly dominant player here in the past five years.

Men's Soccer: Terps Beat VT, 7-0
That scoreline is all that is right with the world.

Maryland women's soccer steps out of shadow of men's team - WaPo
Men's soccer gets all the love, but women's soccer is #8 in the country and just beat the #4 team.

X's and O's: Maryland's Kevin Warne Explains His Defensive Philosophies -
It's a lot of strategy stuff, so for the non-laxies out there, don't click. But if you love lacrosse, it's worth a read on Maryland's new defensive coordinator.