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Maryland Minute - 10.07.10 - AD Kevin Anderson Hates Head Coach in Waiting Agreements

Midnight madness is one week from today. Woot. Not much else going on, since the football team has a bye week. Great interview with new AD Kevin Anderson and UConn admitting they committed violations are the big news of the day...

New Maryland AD says Friedgen will be safe if Maryland continues its winning ways -
Great insight into what Anderson thinks about the football program. Basically, he likes Ralph if he keeps winning and he hates "head coach in waiting" decisions. He doesn't have anything about Franklin, but he hates those types of agreements generally. But I don't think you'll see Franklin get bought out either...

Tracking the Terps: Anderson: 'We need to win' - Jeff Barker -
More insight from new AD Kevin Anderson...

Connecticut Huskies sanction program for major NCAA violations but defend coach Jim Calhoun - ESPN
Oh I hope the infractions committee comes down HARD on UConn. I really hope they give them a ban in postseason play...

After Xs and Os, some R&R - The Diamondback - Sports
Some info on the Terps' bye week.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Terps, basketball, football and college recruiting news in the Baltimore area from Matt Bracken -
Good wrap up, as usual, by Matt Bracken at the Sun.

Terrapin Times - Space on Campus
It's a premium article, but Antwan Space is on campus this weekend...

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Former Terps in Major League Baseball

Interesting tidbits on Terps players in MLB.