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Maryland Minute - 10.06.10 - Eight Days Until Midnight Madness

Yesterday, Ben B. wrote a piece on how Maryland needs to step up Maryland Madness, bring back the excitement, and find a cool way for Gary to enter Comcast. I couldn't agree more with what Ben said. And apparently, ESPN thought it was a big enough deal that they referenced Ben's piece on their college basketball blog:

Maryland fans plead for Madness revamp - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Always nice when ESPN writes about a story we do on Testudo Times. Props to Ben B. for being featured in this post on ESPN's College Basketball Nation Blog!

University of Maryland Official Athletic Site - Men's Basketball - Maryland Madness Set for October 15th
Here are some details on Maryland Madness, since several folks have been asking...only 8 days!

MD-Duke the 67th Most Anticipated Game of 2010-11
That's it? I think we're being underrated. -BB

My take - Yeah, very underrated. This is always a great game, year in and year out. So much so that I hope Maryland never leaves the ACC because I love watching this match up twice a year.

Byeing time for the Terps -
Patrick Stevens looks at Maryland's success after the bye week....and you can't really draw any conclusions. We just need to get healthy...

Notebook: Stinebaugh to miss 6 weeks; Robinson looks '100 percent' - The Diamondback - Sports
With Robinson back to 100% and with DOB's performance against Duke, it will be interesting to see who starts against Clemson... It will be nice to have Yeatman and Torrey Smith healthy...

Moves back help Terps go forward - The Diamondback - Sports
Good article on our awesome soccer team and some adjustments to their backline that have really paid off.

Koons Ford Terp Talk Tonight at 6PM on ESPN 1300 and | Terp Talk - Maryland Sports
If you can get 1300 AM, check out Terp Talk tonight at 6:00. Great radio show. They had me on last year talking basketball.