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Maryland Minute - 10.5.10 - Reflections on the First Quarter of the Football Season

Box Seats - Terps football - Phase one complete
Good synopsis of the football season thus far.

Tracking the Terps: Terps tight end Stinebaugh has MCL injury - Jeff Barker -
Ugh, what is it with our TEs this season? This certainly has been a theme thus far...

Pick Six: Fast starters with lots to prove - NCAA -
Oooh, national attention for our fast start in football. I think they sum it up pretty well. We've won the close ones, we have some games we should win left on the schedule, but we better improve.

Maryland pass defense shaky - Carroll County Times: Maryland Terrapins
Shaky, yes. But still forcing teams to settle for FGs for the most part...

New Orleans Hornets' D.J. Strawberry blazing his own trail |
Great piece on D.J. Hope he grabs that final roster spot on NO...

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Bambale Osby Playing in Estonia
BOOOM! I think there are some translation problems here and I'm pretty sure they meant 115 kg, not lbs, as 115 kg = 253 lbs, which sound more reasonable.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Chris Wilcox Playing a Bigger Role
It'd be nice to see Wilcox get some burn in Detroit. His pro career has been disappointing so far, but he's still young. -BB

Recruiting Report: Fla. athlete Jimmy Stewart talks Terps pledge
The traditional under-the-radar "coach's dream." Sounds like a project that needs to put on weight, but if he's willing to work at the very least Maryland gets a solid special teams player, with a higher ceiling. -BB

Mikael Hopkins to Georgetown
Well, I guess that's done. He was dropping like a rock down the rankings anyway. JOB or Baru > Hopkins. JOB + Baru >>>>>>>>> Hopkins. I feel kinda bad for Georgetown fans. -BB

My take  - I don't feel bad for Georgetown fans at all. And we don't have JOB or Baru locked up yet and I heard yesterday that we could miss out on, yeah.

Under Armour Inc. Aims at US Basketball Market, Targeting Leader Nike Inc. - Bloomberg
Hopefully they do get a significant market share and hopefully that has a positive effect on recruiting...

Men's Soccer Tops #2 UConn, 1-0
First time UConn's been shut out this year. This season gets better by the day.

Terp fans: It’s about the passion, stupid - The Diamondback - Opinion
Couldn't agree more. Yeah, chanting f-Duke is kinda dumb, but stop acting like we're the only school who does this. Go to a Michigan hockey game. Go to a FSU-Miami football game. Sit in the upper deck at an NFL game. Hell, listen to some of the stuff Duke students chant at basketball games. Stuff like this happens outside of College Park, believe it or not...