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The Ralph Friedgen/James Franklin Approval Poll, Week 5

Honestly, who thought that Maryland would be 4-1 right now? Sure, Maryland's four wins were four games they should've won, but the fact that they're winning games they're supposed to be winning is a big step up from last year (see: Middle Tennessee State).

But the real question is: are you happy with 4-1 right now? Well, not just 4-1, I guess: are you happy with the entire state of the program right now?

I know basketball recruiting dominates the psyche right now, but it's starting to get to the point where Friedgen Loyalists will probably start popping up again. For the record, here's the poll results of the past few weeks:


So, at a record of 4-1 (1-0 ACC) and a recruiting class that's slowly moving along, I ask one simple question: are you satisfied?