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Maryland Minute - 10.04.10 - Gary Williams is Hilarious.

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Baltimore tribute to Gary Williams describes the man under the Terrapin shell | Baltimore Brew
One of the best articles you'll read about Gary. This is my favorite part: John Feinstein offered further insight into Gary’s sense of humor.

"A couple of years ago, Maryland was having an off year and playing in the 8 vs. 9 game in the ACC tournament," said Feinstein. Sitting courtside, Feinstein could see referee Duke Edsall laughing and wanted to know what was so funny. Williams had caught the long-time ACC official off guard with one of his patented remarks. "He told Edsall, ‘We suck this year, and so do you for being chosen to referee this game.’"

NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections Week 5 - ESPN
We're back in the bowl projections! Although, we're in the AdvoCare V100 Independence (worst bowl game name EVER?)

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Ross dominates again
Brandon Ross has turned out a ridiculous senior year. Very encouraged by that. Hopefully he can be the next Davin Meggett. - BB

Cinmeon Bowers, Aquille Carr Impress at John Lucas Invitational
Hey, more basketball recruiting stuff. Bowers, who Maryland has interest in, is described as a powerful PF (6-7, 270!) with the ability to hit mid-range jumpers. Carr is, well, probably not going to Maryland but still destroying people. -BB

In time of need, Tate flies to the rescue - The Diamondback - Sports
Kenny Tate has been $$$ this year.

After Duke showdown, Terps can’t catch a break - The Diamondback - Sports
Apparently Men's soccer is playing every top 10 team...or so it seems.

Two-Part Interview with Maryland's New Lacrosse Coach, John Tillman
Tillman was a bit of a controversial hire, but he came across well (if a tad older than I had imagined) in the interviews. -BB

Terps Earn First ACC Victory of 2010, Friedgen Collects 70th Win as Head Coach | Maryland's Campus Correspondent Blog
Saturday's win was apparently Friedgen's 70th with Maryland and was also the 200th win at Byrd.

PressBox: How Will Maryland And Navy Fare?
7-5 sounds about right to me...but they need to play better after the bye week...

Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum & Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards Deal of the Day | Groupon Baltimore
If you've been looking for an excuse to check out the Sports Legends Museum, here it is. $12 gets you two admissions. Well worth it if you want to check out a lot of Terps memorabilia. And definitely worth it if you're also a Baltimore sports fan.