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Maryland-Miami to Be at Noon on ESPNU; Jacory Harris Has Concussion, May Not Play

The Maryland-Miami game was six-day-optioned last week, so that meant that we had to wait a little to see what channel Maryland would be on and when the time would be. There was an outside shot that Maryland could get to 3:30 on ABC if Florida State and UNC both played well enough to make themselves an attractive ESPN night game. They didn't, and now the Terps will play the Canes at noon on ESPNU.

I'm a fan of noon games, especially away, and the Terps were luckily able to dodge Raycom. Semi-national TV on ABC would've been nice, but I'll take what I can get.

Meantime, the outcome of the Terps-Canes game will be heavily influenced by whether or not Miami QB Jacory Harris will be good to play after suffering a concussion against Virginia. At least right now, that answer seems to be no.

FROM COACH SHANNON: "Jacory Harris is doing well. He has a slight concussion and will be evaluated throughout the week. For now, he's out."less than a minute ago via Seesmic for Android

#UM coach Randy Shannon says too early to tell if QB Jacory Harris (concussion) will be sidelined several weeksless than a minute ago via web


Of course, that's not a guarantee of any sort, but when the question becomes "several weeks", it's probably safe to assume the next week is a longshot.

Harris being out would be big. Miami was average before he went out of the game, but Spencer Whipple and Stephen Morris were average at best. If he's gone, Maryland might have a shot. And if they win one of the next two, they control their own destiny for the final two games...both of which are at Byrd.