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Quick Recap of Terps' First Scrimmage: Stoglin, Williams, Palsson (Yes, Palsson) Impress

That's right: this guy.
That's right: this guy.

There was plenty of activity today, from Maryland's big win over Wake Forest to Antwan Space's commitment to Florida State. But today was also the first public scrimmage for the Terps' men's basketball team, and though I was unable to attend - hey, I don't live anywhere near campus - others were. A quick link-y recap of the events:

Maryland's official site has Jordan Williams with a double-double - 24 points, 12 boards - with James Padgett adding 17 of his own. Dino Gregory had 16 and 14, while Sean Mosley scored 25 and Adrian Bowie put up 24. Weirdly, surprisingly, and pleasantly, Haukur Palsson hit four three-pointers. I still haven't seen a boxscore, but that's about as stat-heavy as you'll get.

Jeff Barker elaborates a little more on the play of the freshman, noting Terrell Stoglin's impressiveness:

Point guard Terrell Stoglin helped run the point for the Black team, scoring 10 points and dishing seven assists. Stoglin displayed his impressive court vision by constantly looking in the paint and dishing to Williams and forward Cliff Tucker for easy baskets. Coaches hollered at Stoglin, who started on the Red team but switched sides early, to call the plays faster, and Williams stopped the scrimmage to help Stoglin with the play calling and finding his positioning in the zone defense.

"This was one of his best practices today," Williams said. "Maybe he likes the T.V. lights and everything."

 There's not a lot past that, though there's some more statistical notes on scores and whatnot.

Two of our own members ventured to the scrimmage, and I encourage you to read the FanPosts. TerpMasterX was impressed mostly with Jordan Williams, Sean Mosley, and Haukur Palsson, also noting that Stoglin outplayed Pe'Shon Howard. Meanwhile, SA523 had a wrap-up post of his own with a player-by-player recap, and it's a must-read. If you want detailed player reports, I don't think you'll get much better.

The major takeaways after reading all four:

  • Williams is legitimate and, if anything, has improved.
  • Mosley looked, if nothing else, comfortable. That's good; there have been concerns about how he'd adapt to being "The Man", but Maryland's ceiling is very high if he's comfortable with an improved outside shot.
  • At least today, Stoglin outplayed Pe'Shon Howard. SA said Howard looked "lost" while Stoglin looked comfortable running the show.
  • Haukur Palsson will surprise. Or at least might surprise. He was written off by a lot, including yours truly, but he drained four threes and people seemed impressed by his calm and his strength.
  • Point guard might still be a weaknes. You read a lot about Stogs, but he's a freshman and likely unreliable (at least right now). Didn't hear a lot about Bowie, and Howard might be struggling.
  • Remember: it's a scrimmage. Don't read into it too much.