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Back to Basketball Recruiting: Space to Florida State, But Hubert May Be on Way to Maryland

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I have a post on the first basketball scrimmage of the year on its way, but first two notes from the wonderful world of Twitter. The first will be a shocker: Antwan Space has committed to Florida State.

Its a wild Saturday. Sources telling me Antwan Space has committed to Florida State.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Nothing I had read indicated FSU had a real shot here. It was supposed to be down to Arkansas, FSU, and Maryland, but Arkansas and Maryland were the supposed frontrunners. Though Arkansas apparently was the leader, it seemed the amount of late commitments to Arky gave the Terps a shot.

Not only did he commit elsewhere on the day he was supposed to visitsome say he didn't even make it to College Park - he committed to another ACC school, so Maryland will have to play him twice a year. And that school was kind of out of the blue. Yeah, doesn't help that whole "kinda fluky" reputation.

Anyway, there is some better news out there, and it's related to Desmond Hubert, who suddenly became extraordinarily important in the recruiting class:

6'9 forward Desmond Hubert '11 of New Jersey is really enjoying his official visit to Maryland. He says it's "live."less than a minute ago via web

Spoke w/ md commit sterling gibbs, hes got strong feelings md official visitor desmond hubert will become the 3rd member of the classless than a minute ago via TweetCaster


So, if Sterling Gibbs can be believed, Hubert is a Maryland lean. And he was apparently wearing Maryland stuff at the scrimmage earlier today.

Hubert ain't a star. He's a lanky shot-blocker that needs to get stronger and develop an offensive game. He's Berend Weijs with a higher ceiling. He's not the instant impact big we had all hoped for. I'd still take him over Greg Lewis if I had the choice, because if nothing else Hubert will see the floor when Maryland needs defense and will be an asset in that situation.

But now that Space is done, Maryland has two open scholarships and only two major targets left. One of them is Adjehi Baru, who is also considering Kentucky and UNC. In other words, unless Maryland gets both of them - which, in Baru's case, is probably unlikely - they'll have an open spot with no established, high-level targets. That's not good. If Hubert goes elsewhere too, it gets worse.

Don't get me wrong, I like Berend Weijs and Steve Goins as much as the next guy, but in an ideal world I don't think we'd take another JuCo or "late-bloomer."

Hopefully Hubert commits sometime soon. We could use some more good news.