Space/Gibbs/Hubert/Faust at Scrimmage:

I was at the Scrimmage today and was sitting behind Faust, Gibbs and Desmond Hubert. They were all joking around and having a great time. Nick had a smile on his face pretty much the entire scrimmage. Hubert looked like he was having fun as well. Antwan Space was also at the scrimmage, but he was on the other end of the court with his family. Faust actually went over to him and started chatting with him. It was funny, there was a photographer who went over and took a picture of Faust while he was standing right next to space. Space probably got a kick out of it.

Also, some takeaways from the scrimmage today:

-J-Will is SOLID. He was the best player on the court BY FAR. He did everything good. He must have had a million points and a million rebounds. Very happy to see that.

-Mosley looks SOLID. He was hitting almost every shot he took and just looked so comfortable with the ball.

-Stoglin looked VERY GOOD. He outshined PeShon by far. He impressed me alot.

-PeShon looked Horrible. I was very dissapointed, because he is one of my favorite newcomers. (Multiple turn-overs, bad passes, just looked lost on the court - at one point he was just sitting on the end of the bench by himself getting yelled at by Ehsan and Bino) -I was very depressed watching that. I'm not too worried, he probably just had a bad practice. Everyone has them.

--Berend Weijs didn't look very impressive. He had 2 nice blocks, but he has no hands. He must have dropped or fumbled away every ball he had a chance at.

-Hawk looked very solid as well. He hit 3 threes in a row and had some really nice passes and some rebounds. He is also a lot bigger than I thought. He must have been in the weight room over the last couple months.

Overall, I thought it was a good scrimmage.

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