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Maryland Minute 10.29.10 - Greg Lewis to Rutgers

In what is Rutgers 18th commitment in 2011...
In what is Rutgers 18th commitment in 2011...

Greg Lewis to Rutgers - Zags
Lewis says he picked Rutgers over Maryland, but that may or may not be the case; I don't know if his offer was ever committable considering who else was on the board at the time. Regardless, good luck out at Rutgers.

Now its time for Maryland to turn up the heat on the only three targets left: Space, Hubert, and Baru. Getting a commitment out of this weekend would be awesome, perhaps necessary. Baru's a longshot as it is, so prospects will get mighty thin of Space and Hubert go elsewhere.

Torrey Smith Thinks His "Burst is Back"
Let's hope he's right. This is sorta like he's calling his shot, no? Let's see how he fares tomorrow.

Maryland running back breakdown by quarter -
A long, interesting post on Maryland's RB sitcheation. Moral of the story: Davin Meggett is better, easily, than Da'Rel Scott, at least this year.

Maryland eyes bowl eligibility against Wake Forest
The AP preview for the Wake game. R.J. Dill says a bowl game's not the goal; the ACC title is the goal. Whoa.

Maryland Ranked 21st In Women's AP Poll
After the disaster that was last year, I'm a little surprised they're so high. But there is a lot of talent here.

MSoccer: Terps Defeat UVA
Nice. UVA's not amazing, but a road win against #11 is a solid win, particularly in conference. This team's legit and a national title contender, in case you're late to the party.

Tyler Lewis Commits to N.C. State
Lewis had some Maryland interest early on and became a pretty heavily recruited PG recruit. On a slow day, it's semi-newsworthy.