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Maryland Minute - 10.28.10 - We Wish You A Merry Faustmas!

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Nick Faust, you made a lot of Maryland fans smile yesterday.
Nick Faust, you made a lot of Maryland fans smile yesterday.

I don't know about you, but I'm still smiling from yesterday's news. Maybe we'll get more good news this weekend as Hubert and Space will be joined by Faust and maybe Gibbs, though Ben B. wasn't 100% on that one, on campus this weekend. Woo!

YouTube - Nick Faust committs.... 10-28-10
In case you missed it...

Nick Faust, No. 25-ranked player in the country, is going to stay home and play for Maryland. - ESPN
ESPN's take

Recruiting Report: Nick Faust discusses his Maryland commitment
Not a lot of quotes from Faust; instead, we got a lot from Dave Telep and Faust's coaches. The best two quotes:

"What I saw was a guy who clearly had something to prove, and it was time he took full advantage of it," said Dave Telep, a senior college basketball analyst for "From the NBA [Top 100] Camp through the end of the summer, he really shot the ball exceptionally well. When the best players were on the floor, that’s when he was at his best. … It’s almost like the question becomes, how did he get under-hyped? He’s in a major metropolitan area. It’s almost like we overhype so many guys, and a guy like Nick Faust comes along and it’s just really refreshing."
"He could always bounce it, always put it to the deck and always go to the rack," Carrington said. "He was always fearless. He always played hard. And then he started shooting the cover off the ball. He never stopped attacking. I think that’s what separates him. He’s not just a shooter — he’s a scorer. He can really score the basketball."


My take - Nick = Natty, Part II

ACC Championship Roulette: Maryland makes its move on the margins - Dr. Saturday
Their verdict: Maryland is bad at almost everything and has beaten four bad teams plus one average team in a near-miracle. I actually agree, even though a tad pessimistic for me. This isn't a good team as I see it, even if they are going to have a winning record. -BB

My take - they undervalue that we have a redshirt freshman starting at QB who is constantly getting better. And the ACC is super unpredictable this year...

Quick Fix
"The Terps have seven ranked opponents on their schedule. The first of those is a game against No. 5 Pittsburgh on Nov. 18. Other ranked foes include No. 1 Duke, No. 6 Villanova, No. 8 North Carolina, No. 13 Illinois (possibly), No. 21 Virginia Tech and No. 22 Temple. Five other Maryland opponents received votes: Texas (possibly), Florida State, N.C. State, Miami and Georgia Tech." Maryland will have the change to show how good they are based on their schedule...

Box Seats - Maryland-Wake Forest - Homecoming preview
Oh yeah, there's a homecoming game Saturday that if we win makes us bowl eligible.

Terps top league-leading Seminoles, 2-1 - The Diamondback - Sports
Women's soccer continues to roll...

Doubt Kevin Plank and Under Armour at Your Own Peril (AAPL, DECK, DELL, TBL, WWW)
Great piece on UA and the shoe market.

Ballin' is a Habit: Pe'Shon Makes All-Apostrophe First Team
Not as good as De'Mon Brooks, but close. -BB