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So, Nick Faust is About to Announce to Maryland: The Open Thread

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We had a few more comments than expected on the Faust post earlier today, but another Faust update is needed: it's not like we didn't already know Faust was Maryland-bound, but we got a ton of confirmation earlier in the day. To whit:

So, Faust is either about to verbally commit to Maryland or he's about to pull off the greatest (by which I mean worst) prank ever.

For those that don't know, Faust is a top 25-ish talent and would continue (or start, depending on your perpsective) the hopefully emerging Maryland-Baltimore pipeline. He's a 6-6 wing with a deadly stroke, and would be the highest ranked recruit Maryland's had since, yes, Mike Jones.

With that, commence the Faustivus! Or Faustmas. Or the Fausternalia. Or whatever other Faust-focused holiday you so choose.

The announcement will come on ESPNU's Recruiting Insider, which starts at 5:00. Matt Bracken says that it will go down at 5:45, but that's probably fluid. Begin!