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Maryland Minute 10.27.10 - Should Md Retire BB Jerseys?

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Man, I'm gonna miss this guy...
Man, I'm gonna miss this guy...

Retiring basketball jerseys not in Maryland's plans -

I'm kind of indifferent towards the policy. As long as our great players get their name and number in the rafters, what's the big deal? 

Mini Greivis Update

GV says that his ankle is feeling better and that he still needs to figure out the 'timing' of the NBA game. Props to PAB522 for the link.

Is Ralph's seat still hot?

One CFB blog says no. If the Fridge makes is to 7-5 or 8-4, I've got a hard time believing he's going to get canned, as well. 

Chick-fil-A Bowl representative to scout Terps vs. Wake Forest - Terrapins Insider

I love Chick-fil-A and I love the Terps. The two would be a great combination. 

Staff Discussion: Impressions from Fallball 2010 |

For the lax fans out there:

I visited College Park, Md. For a Fallball Check-In with the Terps, then saw them again in the scrimmage with Loyola. They were a big story over the summer with the addition of John Tillman as the head man. From my time with them, I liked what I saw, in particular the crispness on both offense and defense. Against the Greyhounds, it was the Terps midfield that carried the scoring with eight players notching goals. They’ve been working on a slow break on offense and establishing a core defensive scheme down low. Maryland has been a feast or famine team in recent years, and I believe Tillman will add a level of consistency to this group. Will it be enough to make a deep run to Memorial Day?

I don't have very high expectations yet, but we'll see what Tillman can do. - BB

Josh Selby's amateur status still under review - ESPN

I always root for the B-more kids, but let's be honest, it wouldn't shock me if Selby did something to jeopardize his amateur status.