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Maryland Minute - 10.25.10 - How Good is MD's 5-2 Record?

racking the Terps: Two views of Maryland's football season - Jeff Barker -
Good way to look at the season - definitely progress from last year, but still not on the same page as the big cheeses of the conference.

ACC power rankings: Week 9 - Is Maryland Better than Georgia Tech?
Poppycock. But that's what Dinich says. -BB

My take - I'm still laughing that Ben used the word "poppycock."

Maryland soccer scores major upset - ESPN
Props to UMCP96 for doing a fanshot on this. Great sports weekend for MD! The Women's soccer win over UNC is huge. And the Field Hockey win was big too.

Terrapins Insider - Terps Invite Fans to Intrasqad Scrimmage Saturday
Doors open at 11:30, tip-off at noon. Might as well head on over. -BB

Maryland moves De'Onte Arnett to offensive line -
Wow. De'Onte Arnett was a four-star DE that everyone had really high hopes for; he's really athletic, so hopefully he can make it on the OL, but the fact that he had to move is a little, I don't know, disconcerting. -BB

Under Armour reports earnings increase for third quarter -
This can only be good news for Maryland.

Aquille Carr highlights the Pangos All-East Freshman/Sophomore Camp - ESPN
For someone that isn't being recruited by Maryland and probably won't be, Aquille Carr sure does get linked here a lot. Whatever. He's supposedly the next great one out of Baltimore, 5-6 be damned, so it's worth keeping an eye on. -BB