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Well, Maryland Loses the Name Battle Again: Reintroducing Gelo Orange

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It's Wake Forest week! I always love when Wake Forest plays Maryland; these are some of my favorite weeks of the year. Why? It's not because I hate Wake Forest, but it's because they always have something interesting and eminently bloggable about their teams. With basketball, well, they always have something weird going on. And with football, they have Jello Orange.

Okay, okay, so his name is Gelo Orange, not Jello. But he pronounces it "Jello" (as in JELL-O, the gelatinous deserts), so it counts in my book. His parents are Haitian, for the record, not crazy, so I'm sure that the pronunciation varies slightly as a normal rule.

For the record, I blogged about this last year, too, but when I was scanning Wake's stats for the first look, I noticed his name again. And because the site's grown so much in the past year, well, I just couldn't keep the greatness from you.

Orange is a backup defensive end for Wake Forest, though he sees a lot of playing time. He's racked up 21 tackles and 2.5 tackles for loss on the year. 

With Masengo Kabongo off the team, Maryland is at a disadvantage in the battle of awesome names. Who does Maryland have in this corner now? Haroon Brown? Joey McQueeny? Emani Lee-Odai?

Sadly, none stand up to the greatness of Gelo Orange. (Luckily, as you'll find out later today in the first look, Wake doesn't stand up to Maryland anywhere else.)