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Maryland-Miami Six Day Optioned, Left Guessing on TV Info, Kickoff

Chance to post picture of Jacory Harris = I'm posting the picture of Jacory Harris.
Chance to post picture of Jacory Harris = I'm posting the picture of Jacory Harris.

I wish I could tell you what channel Maryland-Miami is going to be on and when it's going to be played, but unfortunately I don't have that option right now. That's because the Terps' game against the Canes in two weeks got six-day optioned, meaning we won't know its fate for about another week.

Until then, though, we know this about it: it'll be at either noon or 3:30 and will be on one of ABC, ESPNU, or the ACC Network (aka Raycom). It's depending on the N.C. State/Clemson game, which has the same potential options, and UNC/FSU, which will be on ABC at either 3:30 or 8:00.

Based on Twitter-talk from @D1scourse and @ACCGridiron, it looks like there's a noon slot of ESPNU that has to be filled, a noon spot on Raycom that has to be filled, a 3:30 spot on ABC that has to be filled, and an 8:00 slot that might be filled. The potential FSU game on ABC at 8:00 is what's throwing everything off, because if that's where they end up, there's an extra slot and everyone moves up one space. If FSU wins this week against N.C. State, they may end up there. If they lose, there's very little chance.

If Maryland and Miami both win and N.C. State loses to FSU (which is a prerequisite anyway), there's a very outside shot this ends up on ABC. My guess is that it'll be on Raycom at noon, because the ACC probably (erroneously) thinks that's a step up from ESPNU (as @ACCGridiron informed me, the ACC doesn't get to choose, but that's probably still where it'll end up, so...guess that's just our luck).