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Maryland Minute 10.24.10 - Terps' Defense Defined By Fourth Downs

Terps make fourth-down stand to survive Boston College -
I would certainly hope for something more positive when it comes to defining aspects of a defense, but it could get a lot worse than 4th down defense in the final five minutes, where Maryland's 5-7 this year.

Terrapins Insider - Maryland's defense defined by stops on fourth down
More on the phenomenon. 

Maryland likely to stick with offensive line alignment -
The starting lineup on Saturday included Bennett Fulper at center and Paul Pinegar at RT. According to Fridge, that will continue, at least for the time being.

Maryland's O'Brien tightens hold on quarterback job - Baltimore Sun
Well, duh. This is one of the most obvious things I've read all week, but it still gets linked. Enjoy.

ACC helmet stickers: Week 8 - Danny Gets One
Not a big surprise, of course. Danny O'Brien had a great game, even if it was aided by BC's own mistakes.

Updating DeSouza -
He's in a lot of pain, but stable and recovering. Thank goodness. 2010-2011 Bowl Projections: Oct. 24
What is it with Maryland and the EagleBank Bowl? Everyone says that's where the Terps will end up, but I'm guessing that a 7-win Terrapin team might look more attractive than, say, a 6-win Georgia Tech squad, or something of that nature.

Actually, strike that. The ACC No. 7 game is the Independence Bowl, in Shreveport. I'll take DC, thank you very much.

BC's Wes Davis Healthy
Remember when a BC player was down for, oh, a solid 10 minutes on Saturday? That was Wes Davis, and he thankfully had no major neck injury.

Jordan Williams is the #17 Pro Prospect in the ACC - DX
Encouraging and scary at the same time. No shot he should be below Plumlee, though.

Ultimately, Jordan Williams had a solid freshman season and looks as though he'll develop into a prospect down the road. Not only will he be playing on a lighter frame as a sophomore, but he will also receive more touches with an increased role in Maryland's offense. Scouts will likely remain skeptical of Williams's potential because of his mediocre athleticism and raw skill set, but he will have every opportunity to prove himself this coming season.