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Maryland Minute 10.22.10 - Under Armour Launches Basketball Shoe Lineup, Good for Maryland

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Buy one. via

UA Basketball Shoes Hitting Stores Tomorrow
I'm not really sure if I need to explain why this is important, but I will: as the official outfitter for Maryland athletics (and, more importantly, our apparel provider in basketball), Under Armour needs success. Success in basketball shoes equates to a bigger name and more credibility for Maryland in basketball recruiting, where shoes still reign supreme. The quicker they become the "cool brand" and get some connections in AAU, the better it'll be for Maryland.

So go out and buy a pair; they hit stores tomorrow, but you can buy a pair on UA's official site now. You have four to choose from; I'm a fan of the Black Ice, personally, with the Fly a close second.

Whoa: UA's New Basketball Kicks Seem, Uh, Awesome
Worried about the performance of said new shoes? Think they'll be below-average? Don't.

I have run out of compliments to give to what I think will be the underrated shoe of the year. The only thing I can even pick at is the traction, and even that was good. I rank this shoe right up there with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, adidas Supernatural Creator (my favorite from last year), and above another favorite last year, the Jordan XVI.5. I dare say I like it more than the Kobe V, but don’t shoot me yet.

The same reviewer said this in a different post:

The Black Ice is one of the best shoes I have put on my feet in about 3 years, tied with the Super Creator and Kobe IV. I don’t know how the first shoe from a company can be this good, but I can not find anything wrong from top to bottom after two weeks.

That's a very good sign.

Prospect Garcia could find himself in the spotlight -
Max Garcia might be a starter by tomorrow. Get to know him.

Dinich: BC 14, Maryland 10
Aaaaand...that sounds about right.

2010 ACC Media Day Wrapup - ESPN
Not a ton in here for Maryland in particular, but some good stuff on UVA, Miami, and Wake, plus a few semi-entertaining videos.

Ranking top 10 conferences in college basketball for 2010-11 - Andy Glockner -
ACC's at #4. I'll believe the Big Ten hype when they actually come through once. And I'll believe the Big 12 if they can find success outside of the state of Kansas (and if Baylor comes through again). But I do admit that the ACC does seem bottom-heavy this year.

Intriguing Bracket Teams, Part 1 - Blogging the Bracket
Unsurprisingly, Maryland is one. It seems they always are. Dobbs actually writes quite a bit about each time, including MD, but here's a quick snippet:

Junior guard Sean Mosley and sophomore forward Jordan Williams are back, ready to step up to ensure [a Vasquez hangover] doesn't happen. So are three seniors who have one last chance to make an impact in College Park: point guard Adrian Bowie, swingman Cliff Tucker, and forward Dino Gregory. The returnees get some help from five freshman, led by point guard Pe'Shon Howard and swingman Mychal Parker. As is typical of a team in transition, if the returnees, particularly the seniors, continue their improvement and the newcomers get a hang of the system quickly, the Terrapins should avoid a post-Vasquez hangover.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: DJ Strawberry and James Gist Waived
Both should land in Europe somewhere. I was hoping Gist would land with San Antonio, and thought he had a legitimate outside shot at it.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Some nice nightly reading.