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Testudo, SVP in "This is SportsCenter" Commercial (Only Photos So Far, Sadly)

Just chillin' with my bro, SVP.
Just chillin' with my bro, SVP.

See that? That's Testudo, Maryland's beloved mascot and namesake of this very blog, chilling in an ESPN meeting room with Terp alum and ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt. Why so much awesomeness in a single frame? Why, a "This is SportsCenter" commercial, of course.

The news comes from Sports Business Journal's John Ourand, who thankfully tweeted two photos from the set of the spot. The ubiquitous (and usually humorous) ESPN ads for their flagship program often feature athletes and college mascots, though this will be the first time Testudo himself is featured. Considering Scott Van Pelt's status as an avid Terp fan, I'm kind of disappointed by that, but better late than never.

One more shot, just for good measure:


Any guesses on the plot of the 15-to-30 second spot?

(h/t to Steinz, who reminds you to vote for Testudo in the Capital One Mascot Challenge).