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Maryland Minute 10.20.10 - Mike Leach Talks, Plus New Unis

Props to Ben B. for most of the links today.

Mike Leach: "Will Listen to Anybody"

Specifically Minnesota, but you gotta assume that applies to Maryland, too (though he's still not my "realistic #1"; that goes to Billick, Tice, or Golden).

My Take: The chosen one has spoken and it sounds delightful.  I pray Kevin Plank is working this behind the scenes.

New Under Armour Maryland & Boston College Basketball Uniforms: An Inside Look | Dime

Great interview with some of the UA guys behind both Maryland and Boston College's new duds. I gotta say, I love BC's stained glass overlay on the number. Very slick, very meaningful. Maryland's still win in the end, though.

Maryland basketball: A no-tweet zone -

Aw, that's no fun. Sensible, but no fun.

Eamonn Brennan: Terps Could Make Noise, But Probably Not Top 20 Noise

ESPN CBB blogger Eamonn Brennan answered a Maryland-themed question in his mailbag the other day; someone wondered if Maryland was top 20 material, and Brennan said no. I think he's right.

My Take: Not Top 20 at the start of the season, but I think we could enter that range when its all said and done.  PG is a question mark but one that could be answered fairly quickly. 

Top Terps Prospect Space "Loves" Maryland - IMS

My Take: Need to be a subscriber to read the article but the title can't be a bad sign, right? He's probably my top target (sans Baru and Faust) at this point in the recruiting season.

Tracking the Terps: What to do about Torrey Smith and his sore ankle

So, Torrey was hurt. No surprise, I guess.