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Maryland Minute - 10.19.10 - Boston College Game a "Must Win"


Pretty short MM today. Enjoy.

Terps see Boston College game as a 'must win' -
And I 100% agree. BC is a better team than they seem, in my opinion, but they're still a bottom 5 ACC team. -BB

My take - they need to get this winning on the road monkey off their back.


Five Good Minutes: Maryland Preview With Testudo Times - BC Interruption
Ben B's preview of this weekend's BC game with SBN's BC Interruption.


Morning Commute: Who Is Going To Step Up At Wide Receiver For The Terps? - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
SBN's Half Smokes looks at who is going to step up at kick returner for Torrey Smith


Men’s Soccer: Herrick wins ACC POW " Terrapin Trail
Congrats to Herrick for winning the ACC's men's soccer POW. Terps Land In Hughes’s Top Three
Terps made Travis Hughes's final three. He'd be a good 2011, 4 star pick up...

Terps, Post-Vasquez

Good article by Patrick Stevens