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Maryland Minute - 10.18.10 - More on Faust's Upcoming Decision

Nick Faust
Nick Faust

Sorry for the late MM for Monday...I'm battling a cold and basically was asleep all day. Props to Ben B. for help with the links today.

Recruiting Report: City's Nick Faust closing in on his decision
This sounds good:

"I think the coaching staff is phenomenal," Anthony Faust [Nick's father] said. "Gary Williams is a man of his word. I think he seems very sincere. The whole coaching staff -- with Keith Booth and Bino [Ranson] -- are great coaches. … I just think that the school itself is a good atmosphere. It’s just my opinion, [but] I think it would be a good fit for him. But he has to make the decision."

In other words, "I want my son to go to Maryland." -BB

My take - I'm still worried about the Nova visit...I think Faust likes them but as Ben says. he Dad likes MD more...

Box Seats - Analysis of the Terps remaing games
Good break down of remaining schedule. 7-5 sounds about right...

Box Seats - Maryland-Clemson recap - Not as bad as advertised
"I know it sounds crazy, but that game is the most impressed I’ve been with the team all year long." Hmm...that's interesting. Not sure I agree...

Terps have big shoes to fill | Washington Examiner
I think Howard could end up starting at some point this season, if not right away...

ACC Power Rankings: Week 8 - Dinich
My own will be coming out on Wednesday at SBN D.C., if you didn't catch them last week, but Dinich's are here. Maryland's at #8, which I entirely agree with. -BB

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Malleck starts strong in win
Two more TDs for Brandon Ross. -BB

Under Armour Cup: Week 7 Standings - BC Interruption
How have I missed this? BCI has been tracking the performance of all UA-outfitted teams (all 11 of us) over the season. Auburn is obviously in first, with Maryland coming in 6th. BC is second to last. -BB

Maryland's mediocrity may spell end for Friedgen -
You know this article isn't that good when it says "On paper, Maryland looked to be the clear favorite." Uh, I don't think so Elton. If MD gets to 7 wins, I just don't see Anderson firing Friedgen. He makes some good points in the article, but it's clear he doesn't have a real grasp on this year's team...

Twitter / Peter King: Ravens would have interest ...
Shawne Merriman might be coming back to MD...

UVA Basketball Loses Another Player - FanHouse
Not that they're consistently relevant anyway, but the Hoos just lost Sammy Zeglinski. With Sylven Landesburg having already left fro the NBA and Jeff Jones having transferred, the Cavs will be relying heavily on their solid but inexperienced freshman class. Tony Bennett's squad will almost certainly remain in the ACC cellar. -BB