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Maryland Minute 10.17.10 - Clemson Loss Fallout

Friedgen is left boiling after Maryland gets routed - WaPo
Instead of blaming the loss on bad luck, he finally realized that his own team can make mistakes. And he's not happy about it.

"We're young and I can make all the rationalizations," Friedgen said. "But it's really a matter of getting it done and not getting it done. And it's not getting done. It really isn't. I am going to start holding people's feet to the fire."

Bout time. Of course, that's not any type of huge new comment, but it's better than "Well, it was raining." Maybe it only happened this time because it wasn't raining, but that's beside the point.

Friedgen pondering change at kickoff return for Terps - D1scourse
Pretty sure I said this before. Anyway, apparently Ralph is looking at switching up the kick returners. It makes a lot of sense. I don't think we need to see Tony Logan unless he earns it in practice, but Kenny Tate would be nice.

Raycom Highlights from Clemson-Maryland
The only positive from Raycom: we get highlights. The bad: Maryland lost by 24. Remember?

If you want to watch, though, you have that option.

Tracking the Terps: Looking at Maryland's schedule
Jeff Barker points out that Maryland's next two opponents - BC and Wake Forest - are a combined 1-6. He doesn't point out, though, that the opponents after that are Miami, Virginia, FSU, and N.C. State. There are three games on the schedule I'd classify as winnable, and none I'd bank on. Bowl is still a probability, but a guarantee.

ACC bowl projections - Dinich
She has the Terps in the Eagle Bank Bowl, which seems to be the bowl projection of choice. At least it's close by, right?

It's a New Era, but Same Old Maryland -- FanHouse
Greivis, Eric, and Landon might be gone, but the mentality around the team is the same. Nice intro from FanHouse.

Sterling Gibbs Takes MVP at Eddie Griffin Classic
Maryland commitment Sterling Gibbs was the New Jersey MVP in the city-based Eddie Griffin Classic. His team fell to Philly and Jabril Trawcik (who is, strangely enough, a Georgetown commit; in a tournament between NJ and Philly, both of the best players went to DC). Desmond Hubert, Tyler Harris, and LaQuinton Ross all played for NJ, too.