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Maryland Minute 10.15.10 - More on Madness

Not from this year, but might as well be. Image via <a href="">IMS on Flickr</a>
Not from this year, but might as well be. Image via IMS on Flickr

Weijs hopes to be a quick study for Terps -
Weijs' role is obvious: he's a quick, tall big man that will be used as an energetic piece, especially when pressing. He'll be out-weighed by a solid 25 pounds by a lot of ACC bigs, but we'll see what happens.

Tracking the Terps: Faust in front row
Yep, that's good news.

Terrapins Insider - Terps Unveil New Uniforms, Chemistry at Maryland Madness
The only interesting tidbit I saw:

The Terps will wear four colors of restyled Under Armour uniforms this season (white, red, black and gold) that, according to the company’s Facebook page, are 33 percent lighter, have 360-degree stretch and a ventilated back.

Good to see some technological improvements. After all, they are a technologically-inclined company.

Tracking the Terps: What to make of the madness
Not a lot in the way of specifics, but Markus is as impressed as I am by Pankey's build. I really didn't expect him to be so muscular.

Tony Logan Eyes Terps Record Book - FanHouse
A semi-quick Logan feature. It was written by Patrick Stevens but for FanHouse, so it's good to see Logan getting some national attention.

Maryland Baseball's Recruiting Class: No. 25
Even though a bunch went pro, Erik Bakich's first full class came in the top 25 from Baseball America. Give it a few years and Maryland baseball will be competitive.