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Maryland Madness (!!!) Day Open Thread

It's the big day: Maryland Madness. It really needs no introduction, so I'm not going to spend a bunch of time thinking one up.

Nick Faust and Greg Lewis will probably be there. A couple of other big recruits may, too (Justin Anderson, perhaps). Who knows? Maybe Washington's own Wale or self-proclaimed Maryland fan Asher Roth will be in the building. There might be a surprise. And, of course, we'll get our first real look at the real stars of the show, Gary Williams and his merry band of Terrapins.

The event is, of course, in the Comcast Center, preceded by a volleyball game between the Terps and Miami that starts at 5:30. (As Joshv points out, you might actually want to go to that game if you're not doing anything else). The events will kick off after the volleyball game ends, but not before 7:45 (which is the legal practice start time, I believe). 

Women's basketball comes first, then men's. There'll be an alumni game (featuring everyone from Juan Dixon to Dave Neal), gymkana (naturally), and an intra-squad scrimmage to end the whole thing. You can watch it in entirety live on TerpsTV, which unfortunately requires a subscription ($9.95/month), or watch on CSN, which starts broadcasting live at 9. Or, if you're on campus, you could just go. The tickets are free. And the doors are already open.

Let's be honest: this single event marking the beginning of basketball season is probably going to dominate the rest of the day, so it's open thread time. Going? Already there? Expectations? Reactions? Everything goes here.