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Maryland Minute - 10.14.10 - Basketball Media Day Madness

Well folks, basketball media day was yesterday, which means Maryland Madness is tonight. With media day, you get to find out what numbers people chose (or switched to) and you see the new players for the first time. You all see the team for the first time without last year's players. It's still weird to me that Greivis, Hayes and Milbourne won't be around. But now we finally get to start putting the heartbreaking loss of last season behind us. It's a new chapter. A new team. College basketball starts tonight! H/T to Ben B. for help with the links today.

New-look Terrapins hope preseason fitness translates into victories
Awesome article on Mosley's expanded leadership role, what motivated the team to work out twice as much this off season than last, and how this group can make up for losing half of their points scored from last season.

Howard on the number when it comes to jersey -
Howard is going to wear 21....he got Greivis' blessing, but I still think that's an interesting choice...

Ouch: Dinich Says Clemson, 38-10
That hurts. -BB

My take - oh yeah, we have a football game tomorrow. I don't think it will be 38-10, Heather. Give us SOME credit...

The Most Surprising Stat Of All: Maryland Ranks Last Nationally In Kick Returning - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
So, maybe Maryland should move Tony Logan to kickoff return? Radical idea. -BB

Rush The Court - One On One With Lefty Driesell
Great read from friends of the blog Rush the Court. Lefty touches on the advent of Midnight Madness, who he roots for (hint: it's probably not the answer you want), and Len Bias. Pretty much a must-read. -BB

My take - Gotta love Lefty.

Fallball Check-In: Maryland Terrapins |
For all those that like lacrosse but don't follow it, here's a nice overview of what's going on in College Park right now. -BB

Turtle Waxing: Swofford hopes Maryland doesn’t leave
This is a little old and I'm not sure if we covered it in past MMs, but I thought it was noteworthy. I think Swofford isn't the best commissioner. I think he and the ACC better be proactive and they better have legitimate fear that the ACC could bolt to the Big 10, especially since ACC-centric Debbie Yow is now at NC State...