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Maryland Minute 10.12.10 - Faust Sets Announcement Date

Hopefully, we're all as happy as Nick is right here, on October 28th.
Hopefully, we're all as happy as Nick is right here, on October 28th.

After a four-month hiatus, I'm back (albeit in a limited role) to help out with the MM.  Miss me? Probably not.  Anyway, today's MM is packed with recruiting news regarding the usual suspects: Faust, Baru, and Greg Lewis.  Gun to my head, I say we get one.  

Faust to Announce October 28th on ESPNU

We don't report subscription-required info but when another blog does it, and it's out there, we might as well bring it to you.

According to Terrapin TImes, Faust will be visiting the weekend of the 22nd with Baru and announcing on the 28th. I feel pretty good about Faust, and if he can have some influence on Baru, all the better. 

Indiana Pushing for Greg Lewis?

Head Coach Tom Crean and Assistant Steve McClain will be in Baltimore tomorrow to watch Lewis. The Baltimore big will visit Indiana this weekend, as well.

Not sure how much interest there is on the Terps' side but he has to be better than the last minute additions we usually pick up, right?

Baru Visiting for VT's Midnight Madness?

Not sure how reliable the source is but that's the word. On another note, are any recruits coming to our MM?

To complete 'the comeback,' Terps seek win at Clemson -

Winning in Death Valley is tough, but the Terps have done it before (and recently). Not sure it would 'complete the comeback' but it'd definitely be a major step in the right direction. 

Men's Soccer Beats Lehigh 3-0

The roll continues for the Men's Soccer team. They've won their last four games by a combined score of 13-0. 

Confessions of former NFL agent Josh Luchs -

Not exactly Terp-related but very interesting read, nonetheless. One particular Baltimorean ESPN Draft Guru may be in some hot water.