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Maryland Minute - 10.11.10 - Is Maryland a Contender or Pretender?

Only 3 days until midnight madness...I can't wait. But today's MM is mostly football related. Tip of the cap to Ben B. for help on the links. Also, you'll see a return of Ben G. to the Maryland Minute tomorrow. He'll be covering the Tuesday Maryland Minute now. He's been tied up a lot recently but now has time to do one MM a week, so make sure you welcome him back.

Contenders and Pretenders | The Clemson Insider
They think we're a pretender. Honestly, we haven't beaten a really good team yet, and they're talking about the ACC title, so I tend to agree. If we come out of Death Valley with a win though, that will change.

Midseason report: Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich gives her mid-season report on the Terps. Sounds about right.

Maryland-Clemson is...the Best ACC Game in Week 7?
So says Heather Dinich. Considering the other two (UNC/UVA, NCSt/ECU), she's probably right. -BB

My take - hopefully we can win...we do seem to have Clemson's number...

Terps' O'Brien still without an interception -
Ironically, the only player with more attempts without an interception to start a year since 2001 is...Jamarr Robinson. Huh. -BB

My take - DOB doesn't have any interceptions, which is good, but he's also gotten lucky a lot. Lets see what he does Saturday...

Maryland Marching Band Wins Hawaii Five-0 Contest
I marched in the Mighty Sound of Maryland for four years, so I was pretty happy about this. Their Hawaii 5-0 halftime show won them $25,000 from CBS...pretty sweet.

ACC Power Rankings - Blogger So Dear
The folks over at Blogger So Dear, SB Nation's Wake Forest blog, ranks the ACC football teams. Terps check in at #7. Sounds about right to me. If MD beats Clemson, they deserve to move up and possibly be considered a contender. Otherwise, I think we're still middle of the pack until we get a solid win against a quality opponent.

Wake Forest severs ties with junior center Tony Woods - The Dagger
Sucks for Wake; Tony Woods was pretty good and really annoying to play against. But then again, don't go around getting convicted of assault, on a female no less. -BB

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Cierski powers team to win
Pretty quiet week for Maryland commitments, but at least Tyler Cierski scored thrice. -BB

Women's college soccer: Maryland Terrapins seize the day - ESPN
Everyone talks about the Men's soccer team, but the Women's team is really good too...