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Maryland-Boston College to Kickoff at 1:00, Air on ESPN3


Well, I'm not really happy with this news: Maryland-Boston College next Saturday will be a 1:00 kickoff and air on ESPN3. Again.

I'll level with you: if I had the choice between ESPN3 and Raycom and I'm the only person in the world that matters, I pick ESPN3, for selfish reasons. It's a lot easier to work the GameThread and write the recap if the game's already on my computer screen, for one, and, personally, I think Raycom's pretty bad.

But I'm not the only person that matters. And for all those other people, I don't like ESPN3 that much. A half-dozen prominent cable providers still don't offer it and it never looks good in recruiting to have games on ESPN3, even when the alternative is Raycom. It's a lot easier for a potential recruit to watch a game on Raycom than on ESPN3. And, of course, there's the potential of being saddled with Warrick Dunn again. Shudder.

So yeah, I'm a little disappointed, and it'll only get worse after being teased by a week of Raycom. But with two teams that are probably going to be pretty below-average, you can't really blame the TV guys. As always, the way to get better TV coverage is just to get better.