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Maryland Minute 10.10.10 - Maryland's AD Wants Civil Fans, Probably Won't Get Them

New Terps athletic director Kevin Anderson wants to curb profanity at Maryland home games - The Sun
Sigh. I'm torn on this. On one hand, I want the students to be students. The profanity is occasionally hilarious and a big reason why it's so hard for other teams to play at Maryland. To be frank, I don't mind a lot of the things that fans do, even the occasional "**** Duke" chant.

That said, they do often come off as classless. I'm not sure how much that matters to most, but Anderson was the AD at Army, so I'm guessing it's a big deal to him.

Regardless, isn't this just kind of a pointless exercise? I mean, are Maryland fans all of a sudden going to stop chanting R&RPTII and saying "**** _____"? Doubtful. Come on, these people semi-violently riot after winning a game.

Tracking the Terps: Interview with new Maryland AD Kevin Anderson
A few more notes from Barker's interview. Not much more than a few broad statements.

So, Uh, Maryland Got Two Coaches' Poll Votes
There's all kinds of stupid up in this poll, most notably Oregon State not being in, but how did Maryland get two votes?

Regardless: Woo, we're #33!

Greg Lewis Visits Rutgers, Seems to Like It
Unless the staff feels mega-confident about Adjehi Baru and Desmond Hubert, offer Lewis now. Both Baru and Hubert seem to have higher ceilings and could make an earlier impact, but Lewis has a high floor, would help with Baltimore relationships, and is a lot better than some of the players Maryland's brought in the past few years in terms of rankings. Like I said, unless Hubert and Baru are some sort of locks, just take Lewis now.

Clemson Favored Over Maryland
Clemson -13.5. I know I say to never touch Maryland in a bet, but I might just touch that one.

DeMatha defeats Good Counsel, 31-28 - WaPo
The Super Bowl of DC-area football, DeMatha topped GC by 3 on a late field goal. Terp target Blake Countess ran a 55-yard punt return back for a TD. Stefon Diggs, of course, also scored a TD.

Shaun Hill Has Monster Game with Detroit
Former Terp alert. He was 21-32 for 227 yards and 3 TDs.