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Maryland Minute 10.1.10 - Robinson, Smith Probable for Duke

Somewhat shorter MM today than usual, but it's been a slow, apathetic week in College Park. Not a lot going on. Hey, at least we have football tomorrow, ESPN3-and-Duke-d up as it may be.

Maryland Injury Report for Duke - Gonnella, Jamarr, Torrey All Probable
Torrey will definitely play, but Gonnella and Jamarr are more questionable. Considering Jamarr wasn't even listed last week and still didn't play, there's a 100% chance that some mind games of some sort are going on right now.

Maryland defeats Duke in men's soccer, 2-0
And it could've/should've been worse. Maryland dominated that game. It was great to see Duke lose. Hopefully it'll be repeat tomorrow on the gridiron.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Antwan Space is visiting tomorrow! My reaction: eh.

Why: because Maryland has three targets a tier above him that are undecided, at least publicly (Faust, O'Bryant, Baru) and two targets probably on the same tier as him (Hubert, Lewis) that are also publicly undecided. Plus, he's a heavy Arkansas lean. He did say this visit was the 'best for last", but he's leaning Arkansas's way and will probably end up there.

Jay Wright Talks With Gary Williams, Makes Him Sound Awesome - D1scourse
The two seem like good friends.

"We played them last year at [the BB&T Classic], and like I said, I don't really like to play against friends," Wright said. "We had a dinner the night before, which was nice to go to, but we come out to shake hands. He gives you a wise-ass comment right away, which loosens things up. It was cool."

I wonder if he does that with everyone. I want to hear what he says to Coach K.

Wright actually spoke at Williams' induction, if you were wondering why this was relevant.

Game Preview: Maryland-Duke - CSN
A quick overview of what's to come.