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Maryland Minute - 09.30.10 - Gary Williams Inducted into Hall of Legends

Congrats again to basketball head coach Gary Williams, who was inducted into the Sports Legends Hall of Legends last night in Baltimore. Most of the links focus on that, even on the eve of Maryland's first ACC game of the year in football.

Sports Legends honors Maryland Coach Gary Williams --
Awesome, awesome video of Gary and several other attendees from last night's induction, including: Tubby Smith (who's from MD...never knew that), Jay Bilas, Jay Wright and Steve Francis.

Maryland mens basketball coach Gary Williams inducted into Hall of Legends -
Summary article about Gary's induction.

Gary Williams' most memorable basketball moments -
Worst lose - Michigan State last year. Couldn't agree with you more. Great read on Gary's insights.

Tracking the Terps: Juan Dixon hopes to resume career - Jeff Barker -
I hope Juan does jump start his career...

Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams honored at Sports Legends Museum
The Post's summary of the event.

Dinich Picks Maryland in Somewhat Easy Win
Normally I'd discount her opinion, but she probably knows a lot more about Duke than I do. Terps win, she says, 45-31. -BB

My take - I think we'll easily win, but I hope we sure as hell don't let Duke score 31 points...then I will be concerned about our defense...

Terps searching for a bang to go with buzz in showdown vs. Duke - The Diamondback - Sports
Sounds like a sweet celebration will be happening tonight at Ludwig. Hopefully the soccer team can win their 1,000th game.