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Maryland Minute 1.8.10 - Lady Terps Routed in ACC Opener

Maryland guard Dara Taylor dives for a loose ball. Image via <a href="">InsideMDSports on Flickr</a>
Maryland guard Dara Taylor dives for a loose ball. Image via InsideMDSports on Flickr

Terps women routed by NCST in ACC opener 
Ouch. 73-45. Definitely a rough and unexpected loss considering they were just building up some steam. Someone with more knowledge of women's basketball, help me out here.

Lamaar Thomas Transferring From OSU
You may remember Lamaar Thomas as one of those local guys that was really good and "considered" Maryland but you knew it was never going to happen. He's now heading out of Columbus, and Maryland very possibly could get back involved. Not counting on it, but we'll make room if he's interested. As you can tell from his tat above, he has speed to burn, and that's much better suited to the ACC than the Big Ten.

Greg Echenique Transferring From Rutgers
No reason given, but he did really well as a freshman in a talented Big East. His conditional release includes a "limited number of schools", presumably none in the Big East. Maryland recruited him out of HS, but he ended up elsewhere. Wouldn't be surprised if the Terps get involved now. He's Venezualan, which could (should?) be a draw. Playing time will be here.

Parrish Picks Terps to Upset FSU
He doesn't really have any logic to this pick, just going out on a limb. Regardless, I'll take it. - Ben G.

Sterling Gibbs Update
Via NBE:

Sterling, the younger brother of Pitt sophomore guard and NBE’s reigning Big East Player of the Week, specifically mentioned to NBE he has scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Indiana, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Rutgers and Virginia, among others. Gibbs also told NBE he looks to cut his list down after this season. Gibbs has taken visits to Pittsburgh, Villanova, St. John’s, Seton Hall and Rutgers and is looking to visit Wake Forest and Maryland this winter for games.

Interesting that he didn't list MD as one of his offers. At least he plans on making it to Comcast for a game. I wonder what affect, if any, the Pe'Shon commitment will have on the recruitment of Gibbs. - Ben G.

Tyler Smith Dismissed From Tennessee Basketball Team
Intriguing. I know Tobias said he was standing by Tennessee, but that didn't sound close to official. I really thought it was a lose-lose for Tennessee - either they show they don't care or ruin next year's team. As it so happened, they didn't do the second, and, depending on your outlook, didn't do the first.

Roscoe Smith to Uconn
No surprise there. The Terps have been out of this one for a while. - Ben G.

Drew Gloster Now a DE?

That's what he says. Interesting development, I don't mind it, though. Could be a monster on passing plays, and he won't see the field at LB anyway.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Maryland Getting Involved With Eric McKnight
I did not know that. Could be a possibility as a big man, he's 6-9.

McFadden Named Preseason Player of the Year - Official Site
Quite an honor for the senior midfielder. Also, the Women's Lax team is ranked second in Lacrosse Magazine's Preseason Poll. - Ben G.