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Maryland Minute 1.07.10 - Terp Commits Smith, Till Selected for USA Jr. Team

Till 4
Till 4

Smith, Till Selected for USA Jr. Team - IMS

Quite an honor for both of these future Terps.  Hopefully Smith and Tyler are on Terp target Bjoern Werner who was also selected for the game.   

Peshon Howard Mix - BALL IS LIFE

The more I watch this guy the more I like him. Truly an awesome passer. Very Greivis-esque...

C.J. Leslie Is Actually Still Listing Maryland

So you're saying there's a chance?

My list of schools is pretty long: Kentucky, N.C. State, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, Connecticut … I may have left off a few. I plan on cutting my list down soon, though. At this point, no one’s really standing out right now; they’re pretty much all on the same level.

Oh, and Oregon, hmmm? - Ben B.

My Take: I would not get your hopes up on this one.  As we know, though, things can always change. 

Jerry Meyer On Ricardo Ratliffe

I know a few people really like him, so I figured I share:

Ratliffe's play for Central Florida Community College is receiving rave reviews. He is putting up more than 26 points per game and is being pursued by more than just Alabama. Arkansas, Clemson and Missouri have also made inroads with Ratliffe. A number of other schools, including Kentucky and Connecticut, are joining the mix.

- Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Jeremiah Wilson

He was injured much of the season, but rebounded well. He didn't make me feel as good about him as, say, Matt Robinson did, but better than before. - Ben B.

Scouting Florida State - Terrapins Insider

If you want to read up on Sunday's opponent, this is a pretty thorough report. 

Countess Has Star-Making Performance at Combine - IMS

This would be an awesome pick up for the Terps but its still pretty early.

"At the moment, Maryland and Wisconsin are the two schools that have offered Countess a scholarship. The Terps were the first program to offer and Countess says that they will "definitely" be a big factor in his recruitment. He is in the process of sending out his junior film to colleges and expects interest in his services to pick up significantly once the tape starts circulating."