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Maryland Minute 1.05.10 - Hairston Still Working on Ross

T Ross
T Ross

Hairston Still Working On Ross

Well, yes, duh, but still noteworthy.

Ross’ teammate, Joshua Hairston, a Duke signee who is not the aforementioned source, said that he "feels good" about Duke’s chances with Ross.


"I’m trying to do my thing," said Hairston. "I’m working on him."

- Ben B.

Vasquez Among Finalists For Cousy Award

That's best PG. Didn't get Wooden, but I'm pretty sure he could sleepwalk to a top 5 performance here. - Ben B. 

Are there 30 college players better than Greivis Vasquez? - D1SCOURSE

The selection committee for the midseason Wooden awards doesn't seem to think so. I would say he's somewhere around 25-35. Pat Stevens makes a good point though: how Vasquez fares in all these postseason honors will be determined by how well the Terps do this season. 

Rob Ehsan on WNST

Not a big fan of Henie, but I am a big fan of Rob Ehsan. Not a bad interview. - Ben B.

Defensively, a step in the right direction

Via Terrapins Insider:

"We were all in tune in the locker room, and everybody knew what our objectives was for tonight," Milbourne said. "You know, we wrote them down on the board and went out there and conquered them all, so it was real good that everybody was on the same page."

Now lets do it against FSU on Sunday and I'll feel a little better. 

Recruiting Report: Jake Wheeler talks Terps commitment

Most interesting part of the article:

"(I) was hoping to find a school where I could play both, which I might even be able to do at Maryland. I’m going to talk to the coach and see what’s going on."

He's 6'8 250, averages 17 points and 12 rebounds a game, and had interest from Florida Atlantic and South Florida. Don't know if he'll be able to handle two sports at a high major school like MD but a two-sport athlete would be sweet. – Roscoe Smith Talks Recruiting

Don't think the Terps have a shot here. A month ago he listed UConn, Duke, and Georgetown as his finalists. Now, he's back up to seven schools. This recruitment is a wild one.