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Maryland Minute 1.3.10 - Pe'Shon Howard Highlights and Recruiting Notes

Image via <a href="" target="new">cooldavej </a>on Flickr.
Image via cooldavej on Flickr.

Full Howard Highlights
Looking good. Thanks to Tim Brown and OregonLive. Embedded below:

Pe'Shon Howard highlights from the Les Schwab Invitational

Tobias Harris Standing by Tennessee
Guess that puts that speculation to rest.

Marlyand Getting Involved With Super-Underrated Big Man?
Sign me up. Sounds (and kind of looks) like Chris Wilcox-y.

Juvonte Reddic, Quality Education (NC) - Reddic had a slow start but turned it on as the game progressed, especially in the second half. He blocks shots well, finished with contact, showed a solid jump hook and good hops. The 6'9" forward is currently unsigned but claims offers from Maryland, VCU, James Madison and Moussori.

Maryland's the best offer there (maybe "Moussori"), hopefully the Terps push. Want to see some cool tape? Check it out. And some more. Pretty athletic, that's for sure, and a good build. He'd Complement Pankey well.

Oh, and if anyone was interested in my future under-the-radar favorite:

Josh Langford, Lee H.S. (AL) - The former Louisville commit sure has improved his game. Last year at this event he played well but was limited offensively. Yesterday he showed more versatility as a wing. putting the ball on the floor going both ways as he attacked the basket, as well as showing more range on his jumper. Langford finished with a Friday high of 35 points (25 in the first half) as Lovejoy had no answer for thr bouncy 6'6" wing.

Hell, sign him up too. Class finished.

Very Interesting Take on C.J. Leslie
From his own coach:

"Hiding the truth is not something I'm good at doing, by no means," Hatchett said. "C.J. Leslie is the most talented high school basketball player in the entire country. C.J. Leslie can also self destruct."

Basically, his coach is pissed that his team plays with a bunch of five stars apparently with no concern for anyone else, inflated egos, and no structure. Leslie looks to be the worst of them despite his talent, so his coach ripped into him after a bad loss. How he responds to this will tell us a lot about him and about how well he'd do with Gary.

Ego Ferguson, Arie Kouandjio Playing in Army AA Game
It's unlikely either end up at Maryland, but I'll dream.

Vernon Davis Sets NFL Record for TE TDs
We need to find another freakishly athletic TE in the area and use this as a recruiting tool.

I might make a post on this, but one reason that MD really fails to capitalize on all of their high draft picks in recruiting is because they all end up far away. Davis is in SF. Hey-Bey is in Oakland. Merriman is in San Diego. Josh Wilson is in Seattle. Hell, even Shaun Hill is in SF. It's really tough to sell them to kids in DC and Baltimore because they never see them on TV. Hopefully Bruce Campbell ends up in Washington.

Lady Terps Hold On, Win OOC Finale Against St. Joseph's
That's 47 straight at the Comcastle.

VT Gets Win Thanks to Nonexistent Game Clocks
Why, that's balderdash!

N.C. State Utterly Daggered By Florida
Florida won by a point in overtime on a 75 foot (that's 3/4 court) heave as time ran out.

I would no longer have a TV, phone, or computer if this happened to Maryland. Er, I would, but they would be broken.

USC self-penalizes men's hoops for violating NCAA rules
Moderately shocking. Postseason ban, loss of a scholly, loss of a coach able to recruit, and less recruiting time. USC is going to disappear for awhile.

Figured it was relevant for fans that suffered through the death penalty and seem obsessed with wrongdoing in hoops.

Wow - TTU Fans Going All-Out for Leach
Didn't expect that, but I guess TTU fans and alum loved Leach. Players not really as supportive.

Still dreamin'.