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Maryland Minute 1.29.10 - Stitt "Expects to Be Ready" for Sunday

Stitt Expects to Be Ready for the Terrapins
Still, doubt he'll be 100%.

Stitt, with nearly a full week of rest, says he expects to be ready for the Terrapins, and Clemson fans had better hope so because he presents a much better matchup against Maryland's 6-foot-6 Greivis Vasquez than does Young, who's 5-9 at best.

Clemson "Reeling" Without Stitt
Ouch,  from Jeff Goodman.

Without Stitt, it was almost as if someone had taken Booker’s baby blanket. Booker appeared rattled. "After losing two straight, you’d think we’d come out with a lot of intensity," Booker said after a dismal first half in which the Tigers trailed by as many as 19 points. "But we came out flat. Again."

Gary Williams pushes for tournament expansion...again
It's his pet cause. And I do like Gary, but I can't agree with him on this one.

SBN's Power Rankings: Terps at #15
Wow. I'm not complaining. Bit higher than I expected.

Meet Pe'Shon Howard - Turtle Soup
Two interesting things:

"I think maybe playing on and off the ball, it’s hard to tell right now. On offense, I will be able to shoot the ball and help create things to get the offense going. On defense, they play alot of man so I will have to match up strong with my man and prevent him from scoring."

Combo guard, sounds like he'll share the point with Stogs - or, at least, that's what he's been told.

"Really to win is my number one goal. I got to work hard to play and help my team. I feel if I do that, and a lot of people talk about the All-ACC Rookie Team, I can put myself in good position for that. But all awards come with winning. That is my first goal."

Good to hear. Gotta like people that love to win.

Lady Terps Get a Much-Needed Victory over VT
60-44 in Blacksburg to stop a three game skid. Guard Lori Bjork and Center Lynetta Kizer led the Terps with 22 and 18 points, respectively. - Ben G.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup

You know the deal.

Obama Looking Into BCS

Interesting. Maybe trying to dull Hatch's blade? Whatever, it's good for college football fans. 

Deuce Bello Is Already on ESPN
First of many, many, many highlights to come. Wouldn't mind if they were in a Maryland jersey.