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Maryland Minute 1.28.10 - Gary and Co. Garnering More Praise

Six coaching jobs deserving recognition - Jay Bilas

King Gary gets some dap from the former Dookie.

"How is it that Williams takes so much heat? He has been the most competitive guy against Duke and North Carolina that the ACC has seen, and this season, Williams has the Terps right at the top of the league. He has good guards and has developed his young big guys. Maryland has a top-10 offense and the identity of a blue-collar team that looks out for each other. When many teams are struggling to find an identity, the Terps have one under Williams. He has done another great job." 

Terps cite improved chemistry for quick ACC start

You've gotta love quotes like these...

"We're following Coach Williams's system and we're winning games," senior guard Greivis Vasquez said. "That's what we're doing. Unlike before, we're playing together, I think. In my opinion, now we're playing, you know, just our chemistry says a lot about our team."

Terps are putting on a great show -

Nothing groundbreaking in the article but a good read. Kevin Cowherd is right: It's too early to tell where this team is going to end up, but right now, they're fun to watch.

 Tracking the Terps: Some key dates for the Terps

He's got this Sunday's game against Clemson, the home game against UNC, and senior night vs. the Dookies. It's nice to be excited about MD basketball again, isn't it?

2010 NFL Mock Draft, Version 1.0 - Don Banks -

Banks has Bruce Campbell going #23 overall to the Packers. He apparently thinks the recent performance of Vladmir Ducasse in Mobile elevates Campbell. Glad to see it. - Dave T. 

Terrell Skinner Senior Bowl Update

Seems to be doing well but not spectacular. Still a good read on the the draft-preparation process.   

Jon Graham Update - ESPN

Quickie update on Jon Graham from the WWL - Seton Hall is still the only offer, Maryland is "waiting".

College Baseball Preview -

Predicting a last place finish in the Atlantic Division for the Terps.

"We believe new coach Erik Bakich eventually will get it done, but the Terrapins have an extremely tough road ahead this season."

Don't follow MD baseball all that closely, but I'll take the optimism.