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Maryland Lining Up to Play Notre Dame at FedEx Field in 2011?

Don't think too many people will be able to complain about Maryland's out-of-conference schedule anymore. Playing premier OOC teams at nearby FedEx Field has long been a priority for Maryland, and they're allegedly nearing signing team #1. It's far better than anyone expected.

It seems that Maryland and Notre Dame are nearing an agreement to play at Landover's FedEx in 2011, as first reported by InsideMDSports' Seth Hoffman. Essentially a home game for the Terps, this would mark the second big college football game played at the Redskins' home, the first being a Boise State-Virginia Tech matchup in October, 2010.

It's not a done deal - FedEx officials haven't commented yet, and AD Deborah Yow didn't say much either. Still, I wouldn't expect it to be wrong - Hoffman and Jeff Ermann are pretty careful with their sources. Of course, until the contract is signed, anything can happen.

With Brian Kelly at the helm in South Bend, I'm not confident this will be a game Maryland will win. It will, however, get them on national TV - previously impossible - get them major exposure, and possibly start a pretty nice little tradition of playing at FedEx, something I wouldn't have a problem with. It's a major selling point for recruits, too.

One thing's for sure: it's a step up from Rutgers. Let's just hope it doesn't backfire and let Notre Dame grab a recruiting foothold in the DMV like the Cal home-and-home did. Other than that, I see no reason not to be pleased with this signing.