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Maryland Minute 1.24.10 - KenPom Really High on Terps

KenPom: Maryland at the Country
Wait, what? #11 in the country, #2 in the ACC. Not always right, but I'll take this.

Feinstein - Gary Williams Column
Great article by John Feinstein, one of the best sports writers out there still. I loved Gary before, but this article will make you love him more. Never knew he walked away from a fantastic team he'd build at Ohio State to take the MD job. And never knew that the NCAA came down way harder on MD then what Gary was told would happen. But he manned up and stayed at his alma mater, and I couldn't be happier that he did. - Dave T.

My take: Great stuff, somewhat surprisingly, because Feinstein's hit and miss for me. However, it can't be a Gary column without this:

"I was told back then that the investigation was going to end with a wrist slap. The wrist slap turned out to be two years out of the NCAA tournament, one year off TV and one year out of the ACC tournament. That was really tough to take. No one has had a penalty like that in the last 20 years, and don't tell me about Kentucky. They flat-out got caught cheating. What's more, rebuilding after probation at Kentucky is a lot different than at Maryland.

Jeremiah Attaochu to Georgia Tech
Not that surprising. With Javarie Johnson and Desmond Kearse on board, this wans't a big loss.

Greivis Vasquez Getting Overlooked by Our Friends at RTC
Not in the top 15? Okay. Maybe. But not receiving votes? Really?

Digger Phelps Dances: a Little Creepy, a Lot Hilarious
Creepy, but I laughed out loud. No way I can ever take him seriously again, though.

Mike Farrell Hosting a National Recruiting Chat Tomorrow
Feel free to submit questions to our favorite PSU homer recruiting analyst. Flood him with requests about Maryland. Tony Grimes, please.

Trevor Cooney Is More Athletic Than You Think
This is actually about 2 weeks old, but I've never seen it before. Trevor Cooney absolutely posterizes a kid in a game, which is good to see considering I'm not sure our current sharpshooter could do this. Remember, this guy is 6-3 and "unathletic".