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Maryland Minute 1.22.10 - Rampant Mike Leach Speculation from ESPN

Leach to Maryland Prediction, Part I
Anyway, Mark Schlabach, bringing the Leach-MD connection heat.

Leach's high-powered offense won't be sidelined for long. Leach, who was fired by Texas Tech after allegedly mistreating a player who suffered a concussion, will be hired as Maryland's new coach by 2012.

Leach's relationship with Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, a former Maryland player, will make him a popular choice to replace current Terps coach Ralph Friedgen, who is nearing retirement.

I do love me some Mike Leach. Unfortunately, now I want to keep James Franklin as recruiting coordinator, too.

Leach to Maryland, Part II
Okay, so it's Dinich - of flipped off by Testudo fame, which I feel needs to mentioned every other time I say her name from here on out - but it's something right?

Mike Leach, anyone? There are some good head coaches out there still looking for jobs, and by keeping Friedgen on board despite his 2-10 record, Debbie Yow made it less costly to buy her way out of the head-coach-in-waiting deal. Even if Franklin stays on, how much different will it really be in College Park?

Dino Speaks
First time since the suspension. His play hasn't been great, but it's still great to have him back. He said the 8 game break really hurt, and he's not been full speed yet. He'll supposedly be back to full speed by the N.C. State game.

Maryland reserves Bowie, Tucker try to keep their confidence and playing time consistent - WaPo
Yep, if Maryland wants to make a run it'll be with major contributions from Bowie and Tucker. Good read.

Stevens: Wide-Open ACC is Anyone's Game
Kind of similar to our piece, but well worth the read. Oh, and it helps Patrick Stevens, so click it anyway.

"I think it’s going to take two more weeks," Maryland coach Gary Williams said. "Everybody [can] play four more games. That’ll almost take you to halfway through. Then you’ll have an idea."

Hurley: Despite Injury, Terps Found a Gem in Pankey - IMS
Nice, free write up from the guys over at IMS. He may not be a 15 ppg guy but he can rebound and block shots, two things you can never have enough of. - Ben G.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup

Bit of a quiet week, but always good to catch up.

Mark Herzlich is Back on the Field

Good for him. Bad for the ACC, but good for him.