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Maryland Minute 1.21.10 - Updated 2010 Recruiting Rankings

With Ross de-commiting, this guy is now the face of the 2010 class.
With Ross de-commiting, this guy is now the face of the 2010 class.

Updated ESPNU 100

Terp Commits: Mychal Parker #44, Terrell Stoglin #98

Terp Targets: C.J. Leslie #8 Terrence Ross #26

Also, one-time Terp target John Graham, dropped out of the ESPNU 100.  

Terps 2010 Class Drops out of Rivals' Top 25

No real surprise here with the Ross de-commitment.  Hopefully another late signee (C.J. Leslie, please) can put the class back in the Top 25.

Greivis a POY Candidate?

Jeff Goodman thinks so. He's got GV at #10 in his latest POY list.

"He (Vasquez) makes his debut after a slow start. The feisty Venezuelan scored 30 and had seven assists in an overtime road loss at Wake Forest and then had 17 points and nine assists in a road victory at Boston College. Vasquez is averaging 18.4 points, 6.3 assists and 4.8 boards per game."   

The "P word" and the ACC " Terrapin Trail

Here's what Gary had to say about the parity of the ACC:

"There’s been teams, I know, like the [Christian] Laettner teams at Duke, they were like a rock band when they would play. They were so confident, they knew they were going to win. In 2002, I think we had the same attitude, where you couldn’t beat us. You know, you just weren’t going to beat us," Williams said. "I don’t think that’s out there right now with any team. So it’s up to teams now to go win their games. Nobody’s going to give you anything. In other words, you can’t say, ‘Well, those two teams are really good and then we’re going to be able to beat those other teams.’ I don’t think that’s in the league this year. I think everybody thinks they can go play in any game."

The conference really is wide open.  I still think Duke is the obvious #1 but past that, its anybody's game. 

ACC's Top 10 FB Coaches of the Decade - ESPN

Big Ralph comes in at #5.

"Terps fans have suffered recently, but it was Friedgen’s first three seasons that earned him his lengthy 10-year contract in College Park. Three straight finishes of at least 10 wins and top 20 rankings, plus an ACC title earned the Fridge some clout. "

Man, I miss those days. 

ACC's FB Programs of the Decade - ESPN

Can't really complain about #6.  

It's Official: Sign Deuce Bello Right This Very Second

Pulling off a between the leg a game? I don't care if he can't dribble, I want him. - Ben B.

NCAA tournament expansion: An idea whose time should never come - Tracee Hamilton

One plus is that Maryland would make the tournament more consistently. Still, changing the best sporting event in America seems like a bad idea to me.