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Maryland Minute 1.20.10 - Best ACC Football of the Decade

ACC Teams of the Decade - ESPN

The 2002 Terps come in at #4 and the 2001 team is at #9. Surprisingly, last year's team didn't make the cut... 

ACC's Top 10 Games of the Decade - ESPN

Maryland's ACC championship clinching victory at NC State in 2001 comes ranks #10.

Recruiting Report: Meet Titus Till

One of the best ones in the class. Here's why he chose MD:

"Basically, they put out a lot of NFL prospects, coming out of [Maryland director of strength and conditioning coach Dwight] Galt’s system. He builds athletes. He builds great football players. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to come. My plan is going to the league, so coming to Maryland helps me in getting there..."

This should be the first recruiting pitch to every high-major recruit with NFL aspirations.  

Recruiting Report: Fla. defender Desmond Kearse picks Terps

Excited about this one too. 

Cory Jackson, Travis Ivey Selected for All-Star Game

They'll be suiting up for the "Nation" team as they take on the "Texas" squad in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star game on Feb. 6 in El Paso, Texas. 

Starting the same - D1SCOURSE

Nice little statistical nugget from Patrick Stevens on how stable this year's iteration of the Terps has been. Just below the 97-98 team, just above 01-02. - Ben B.

Isaiah Miles Says He Likes Maryland, "Wants to Play Close to Home"

Get it done, Gary. Miles is probably a legitimate a top 10, top 15 prospect for 2012. - Ben B.

My Take: No excuse for this one to get away.  He's at a small school, wants to be close to home, and loves MD.  Time to right the local recruiting wrongs of the last five years.

  Quick Tyler Harris Note - NBE

Hopefully he keeps this up. When he outscores big bro, even when big bro fouls out, I'm liking the future.

It was a big performance from the younger Harris in a tough atmosphere, scoring a team-high 24 points. Despite being very skinny at this stage of his development, Tyler is not afraid to mix it up and plays tough defense and will get scrappy on the court. Came up with some impressive steals as well as showing off his shooting touch.

- Ben B.