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Please Allow Pe'Shon Howard to Drop Your Jaw as He Recruits Quinn Cook

I know, I know. Four Pe'Shon Howard posts in quick succession? I don't care, I have nothing else to write about and this is generating untold amounts of news.

First off: watch the ridiculous pass. I watched this on CSN today, and it was when I was first sold on him.


Yes, I said "wow" out loud the first time I saw it. Very reminiscent of some of Greivis's handiwork.

Second, perhaps more importantly, comes after the jump:


Now, Pe'Shon Howard's Twitter feed is set to private, so I don't feel all that comfortable sharing this, but I made the tough decision. I normally don't share even the most interesting things I find on Twitter - oh, for instance, that Pe'Shon Howard was visiting Maryland - but I don't feel as though Pe'Shon would hate it if this got out. Not exactly sensitive info.

Still, I wanted to put it off the front page to be safe. Here we are:


By the way, @QCook323 = Quinn Cook.

Time to hope he's a better recruiter than Terrence Ross was with Terrence Jones. Quinn Cook is very, very good and plays just down the road at DeMatha. Maryland has been recruiting him lightly - there's supposedly never been much interest - but if Maryland suddenly adds a good buddy of his...I'll dream for awhile now.

Maybe no one can ever replace my love for Terrence Ross when he was committed, but Pe'Shon is definitely trying hard.