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Maryland Minute 1.19.10 - Football Recruiting Edition

Terps 2010 FB Class ranked #38 by Rivals

Scout updated their rankings today, as well, and the Terps are at #39. That's a pretty good ranking for a team that finished 2-10 last season. Now just add Brandon Coleman to this list, and the Terps probably move up around the low to mid thirties. 

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Tyler Smith

I'm changing my stance on Tyler Smith competing for a job from yesterday. No matter what ESPN thinks or I think, if his HS coach doesn't think he'll do it, I don't think there's all that great of a chance. Who knows, though, maybe he's just really honest:

"It would be cool if he would walk in and have the ability to compete for the job, but that’s probably unrealistic to say at this point. It’s a huge learning curve and there are lots of lessons to be learned along that education process. Plus, he’s going to go to college. He’ll have to budget his time between academics and athletics and learn a whole new set of responsibilities, so it’s an incredible transition. But because of his attitude and maturity level, he’s ready for the challenge."

- Ben B.

My Take: I gotta agree with the HS Coach and Ben B.  Tyler Smith could and should end up being the best quarterback on this roster, but I doubt he starts a game next season.  

Brandon Coleman Has "Eye-Opening" Visit

To Cuse. My money's still on Rutgers or Maryland. Would be an amazing scoop. - Ben B.

My Take: I think this guy is my favorite remaining target. 

Maryland Runs A Really Hard Drill

2 full court sprints in 22 seconds. 22 times. The first five would be okay. After that, it would probably turn to hell. - Ben B.

Terrapins Insider - Three things to watch

Reserves, Reserves, and Reserves. Padge, Dino, Bowie, Tucker, this is your time to shine. 

Taylor Named ACC Wrestler of the Week - Official Site

It's the third time this season for the All-America senior.

Connecticut Huskies coach Jim Calhoun taking medical leave - ESPN

Not exactly MD related but interesting, none-the-less.  He has had the reputation of taking a lot of MD talent back to Storrs.