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Maryland Minute 1.18.10 - Prepping for Longwood

Terrapins Insider: Why Longwood game is important for Gregory, Padgett

Hopefully, GW gets both these guys a lot of minutes tomorrow night. Padgett, especially, could use a confidence booster.

Tracking the Terps: Notes in advance of Longwood game

Why is Longwood coming to CP? What does Gary have to say about Padge? Jeff Barker has got you covered. 

Gary Sees the Dino Stat Light

Didn't really expect this.

"Dino's got to get more stats," coach Gary Williams said. "He was good defensively, really worked hard, but we need rebounds and points from the inside positions. So hopefully that will happen."

Hmm...could we see more Padget PT coming up soon? - Ben B.

Terrapins Insider: G. Williams's three keys to winning on the road

Consistency, Mental toughness, and swagger. Sounds like keys to success in general, to me. 

Maryland At 5th in the Local Poll

UVA, shockingly, at 7th. - Ben B.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Stoglin stands out

Stoglin seems like a high-volume scorer. I really want him to rock the headband here, if only because then he'd be a perfect ringer for Tyrese Rice. - Ben B.

Quick Note on Dante Holmes

With Howard on board, Holmes isn't a possibility anyway, but here's a quick piece on my one-time favorite:

Holmes is a good-looking athlete who played a solid all-around game, leading his team in both scoring and rebounding. He showed the ability to get to the rim, absorb contact and finish. He is a high-energy guy who gets out in transition and is in attack mode when his team has a numbers advantage. He is a threat to knock down an open 3 but prefers to play off the dribble and shoot from midrange or try to get to the free-throw line when he can consistently make you pay. His strong build should aide him in quickly adjusting defensively to the college game where his athleticism should him to defend the two or the three positions. I like this kid's toughness and energy; he could be a good late pick-up in the April signing period.

- Ben B.